Berkeley charter to the Farallon Islands on the California Dawn August 2015

DSCN2982 DSCN2973 Berkeley 2

Here’s what our Berkeley volunteer anglers are saying about the descending devices they tested:

“I didn’t know release was an option for rockfish before today.  I am thankful to help with this research and will spread the word.  Thanks!”

“Enjoyable day. Every one was lovely!”

“Roklees and Shelton are quick and easy.  You can put two fish together.  Milkcrate would be good except heavy to pull up.”

“Roklees: Ease of use. Takes up least space.  Milkcrate takes up space.  Blacktip rope is heavy.”

“Interesting trip!”

“SeaQualizer: Easier to use in crowded conditions. Shelton: Least expensive.”

“SeaQualizer is fast and effective, good for large numbers of anglers.”

“Private fishermen don’t want to spend the money on SeaQualizer.  Milkcrate is cheap and effective when you take your time.”

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