Dockside Outreach

We collaborated with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife  to distribute outreach packets and free descending devices  in the summer of 2015 at public launch ramps along the California central coast. Our outreach packets included information from the CDFW about barotrauma, identification of regulated rockfish species and a free Shelton Fish Descender. Additionally, anglers were interviewed about the perceptions and usage of descending devices in the recreational rockfish fishery.

CDFW Informational Materials (note: These materials are from 2015 and regulations may change. Please visit the CDFW website for current California fishing regulations):

“Bring that Rockfish Down” flyer (2015)


Canary, Vermilion, Yelloweye Rockfish ID flyer (2015)


Black and Blue Rockfish ID flyer (2015)




The results of our angler interviews were presented at the 2016 Western Groundfish Conference in Newport, Oregon, by project manager, Sabrina Beyer. Click on the picture below for a pdf of the presentation to learn about recreational angler opinions and use of descending devices at ports all along the central coast of California from Eureka to Morro Bay.