Check out these websites for additional information!

Long-term tagging study by the NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center in La Jolla showing high survival of deep-water rockfish released back at depth even after suffering barotrauma

NOAA Fisheries’ Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program

Sportfishing Association of California – Tips on how to descend a fish

Visual recovery of Rosy Rockfish following barotrauma: Bonnie Rogers, M.S. (California State University Long Beach)

State-by-state websites on rockfish release techniques:

California Department of Fish and Wildlife 

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife

Cool videos from other projects!

Is Barotrauma Keeping You Up? Try Getting Down with Recompression! This group of researchers has a video that explains it all!  Barotrauma, proper release techniques, and even includes a rockfish rap!  Visit their YouTube page for more information about the video.


Recompression Devices: Helping Anglers Fish Smarter (NOAA Fisheries).  Visit their YouTube page to learn more about the video.


Resources for Teachers and Students

The Effects of Underwater Pressure on the Body. Educator Neosha Kashef along with a team from the TED-ed series put together this animated video on the physics of pressure change underwater with a comparison between humans and fish.  A lesson plan is included on the website for teachers and students.  Click here to visit the TED-ed website.