About us

We are researchers, students and volunteers from UC Santa Cruz with an interest in promoting sustainable fisheries by studying best-practice release techniques for rockfish.  This project was funded by the NOAA Fisheries’ Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program which supports the development of technological solutions and changes in fishing practices designed to minimize bycatch. Their mission is to find creative approaches and strategies for reducing bycatch, seabird interactions, and post-release mortality in federally managed fisheries.

Fort Bragg science crew

Fort Bragg science crew. From left: Dave, Cherisa, Sabrina, Morgan, Jordan and Alex.

Half Moon Bay science crew recording data

Half Moon Bay science crew (Emily, Dave and Morgan) recording data.

Bodega Bay science crew showing off the different descending devices

Bodega Bay science crew showing off the different descending devices. From left: Morgan, Kevin, Sabrina, Jordan, Dave and Thomas.

Emeryville science crew

Emeryville science crew. From left: Sue, Sabrina, Abel, Kevin and Dave.


Emeryville Science Crew

Emeryville Science crew take 2. From left: Kevin, Morgan, Jordan, Dave, Sabrina and Thomas.

Science crew on the Morro Bay charter.

Morro Bay science crew. From left front: Jordan, Morgan, Sabrina, Dave and Kristi, From left back: Alex, Nick and Kevin.




Danielle helping us out in Monterey Bay

A beautiful day in Monterey Bay. Danielle recording data.


Many thanks to our partners!

NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center (Santa Cruz and La Jolla labs)

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Sportfishing Association of California

Coastside Fishing Club

Humboldt Area Seawater Anglers (HASA)

California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program, Moss Landing Marine Labs

Applied Marine and Watershed Science Program, California State University Monterey Bay

RC Lab, University of California Santa Cruz

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Captains and crew of our CPFV charters

Our awesome volunteer anglers!

Science Team

Project Lead: Sabrina Beyer (UCSC/ NOAA Affiliate)

NOAA Advisors: Susan Sogard, Rosemary Kosaka, Cindy Thompson

UCSC Advisor: Mark Carr

Technician: Morgan Arrington (UCSC/ NOAA Affiliate)

Masters Student: Jordan Maeding (CSUMB)

NOAA Corps: Cherisa Friedlander

Student interns: Kristi Craig, Emily Chortek, Michael Miguire, Alex McCutcheon, Kevin Shiraz, Thomas Adams, Kimberli Boone, Kim Pham

Volunteers: Dave Kammerer, Danielle Duncan, Nick Ingram

A special thanks to Caroline McKnight and staff at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Contact: sbeyer@ucsc.edu

website: sabrinabeyer.com

The University of California, Santa Cruz received received funding for this project under award NA14NMF4720316 from the NOAA Fisheries Service, in cooperation with the Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program. The statements, findings, conclusions, and recommendations are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of NOAA Fisheries.

You are welcome to use our photos for outreach and education purposes, please credit: UCSC Barotrauma Project