Emeryville charter on the TigerFish July 2015


Here’s what our Emeryville volunteer anglers are saying about the descending devices they tested:

“Lots of fish at once with crate.”

“SeaQualizer is easy but expensive.”

“Many fish at one time can be returned quickly to adequate depth with the milkcrate.”

“Milkcrate may be too large for a small fishing boat.”

“Excellent science crew on board! Great captain and crew!”

“Milkcrate can do multiple fish.  SeaQualizer is simple to use.  Shelton can be on the fishing line.  The easier to use the better.”

“I had a great time and I think devices are going to help bring the rockfish back.”

“Shelton too difficult to use.  Roklees and Blacktip require a hard snap action to release. SeaQualizer and milkcrate are simple and effective.”

“With milkcrate you can descend multiple fish at one time.  SeaQualizer in my opinion is best for anyone.”

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