Morro Bay

Morro Bay charter on the Princess August 2015

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Here’s what our Morro Bay volunteer anglers are saying about the descending devices they tested:

“Great that you are doing this research demonstrating reduced mortality is critical to creating/expanding fishing opportunity.”

“Shelton not very good when boat is high in the water. Milkcrate can handle volume.”

“Roklees was fairly easy to use but connection tended to tangle.  Larger fish also tended to get off.”

“SeaQualizer: Need something easy and ability to preset release depth would simplify angler use. Shelton: Seems easy to use and reasonable cost.”

“Milkcrate: Multiple fish on each drop, higher reliability.”

Suggestion for party boats: “It should be crew’s responsibility, use milkcrate system, with wire mesh crate- stored in a tub of water- have a puller system (like for crab pots) for pulling.”

“SeaQualizer is automatic, the hand rope devices are too time consuming and require too much labor.”

“SeaQualizer is easiest to use, milkcrate may be harder if too many passengers.  If you’re not too familiar, fish can fall off easier on the Shelton.”

“SeaQualizer was very simple to use, very fast, not time consuming.  Milkcrate took too much time.”

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