Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay charter on the Huli Cat May 2015

DSCN2238 DSCN2216 DSCN2218

Here’s what our Half Moon Bay volunteer anglers are saying about the descending devices they tested:

“Roklees: Simple lip application, easy to apply.  SeaQualizer is best for getting fish down to proper depth.  Also two at a time is good.  Milkcrate is good for multiples.”

“Use of descenders will reduce bycatch without question.  Fishing public needs to understand their benefit.”

“Blacktip expensive but simple.  SeaQualizer drops a lot of fish after extensive use. Milkcrate takes too much room for private boats.  Shelton could be easy close to the water and could be used inline with rockfish gear.”

“Shelton is not easiest, but takes little space.  It’s what I will use on my boat.”

“Party boats will have a lot of floaters.  Milkcrate would be most productive.  Private boat owners want portability.  The SeaQualizer is more portable, adjustable and easiest.”

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