Descending Devices

What is a descending device?

It’s any tool used to release a fish back at depth.  Here are some of the devices we tried out, ask for them at your local tackle shop, buy online, or make your own! (Click on the name of the device for a link on where to buy)

Shelton Fish Descender

The Shelton Fish Descender is a simple barbless inverted hook design

The Shelton Fish Descender has a simple barbless, inverted hook design and is very portable.


A gopher rockfish being descended on a RokLees

The RokLees is a lip gripper device, it pops open and releases the fish at depth with a swift jerk of the rod.


The Blacktip is good for releasing large fish with a heavy weight

The Blacktip is good for releasing large fish with a heavy weight.


The SeaQualizer clamps on to the lower jaw of the fish and is programmed to pop open at a set depth.

The SeaQualizer clamps to the lower jaw of the fish and pops open at a set depth (50-100-150ft).

Weighted milkcrate

Double release in the weighted milkcrate

A weighted crate is great for releasing multiple fish at once.



Make your own!

Send us your ideas and we’ll post them to our website!



Captain Tom Mattusch of the Huli Cat (Pillar Point Harbor, Half Moon Bay) sent in this photo of an inverted hook type descending device (compared next to the SFD).




In Oregon, anglers have modified The Fish Grip to release fish at depth by drilling holes through the two handles to attach line and wrapping a rubber band around the handle to ensure a tight grip.  The device is clamped to the lower jaw of the fish, lowered to depth and released by tugging on the line.



New in 2020! Sent to us by Andy Ackroyd in Brisbane, Australia. The Fishsaverpro, a compact and versatile release device, available online.